Many customers like to know about the business and people behind the services they use. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our organization.

O.J.T.B. (Only Just The Beginning), Inc.

About Us


     Our Company

O.J.T.B. (Only Just The Beginning), Inc. was started in September 2004 as a vision by it's founder Ms. Paula D. Collins.  Ms. Collins' plan was to find a way to get people job experience so they could possibly expand their options in the job market.  Education is essential and a mandatory step in getting a job, but even with your diploma or GED its very hard to get a job with no job experience, even an entry level job.  Thus, O.J.T.B. (Only Just The Beginning), Inc. was born.



   Our Shop

New Facility Under Construction!!!

New Facility Under Construction





  Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide document preparation/business writing services to our customers while specializing in the on-the-job-training service to our clients.  Too many consulting firms try to develop standard models to solve key business problems.  O.J.T.B. realizes that business problems have a variety of solutions; what may be right for one business would not necessarily meet the needs of another business.  We will offer one solution for one problem.  "How do proceed?"   While other consulting firms in the area offer small and medium sized businesses consulting services, none specialize in our featured services and none are community-based. We hope you enjoy visiting our web site and using our services as much as we enjoy providing them for you.


  Our Employees

Our staff play an important role in this business.  We all have the same passions and goals for this business, to help others succeed in starting a new beginning.  With the combined skills and education of our staff, O.J.T.B. will grow into a formidable adversary against the word "unemployable" with regards to our youth.


The primary staff is Ms. Collins - who is also the principal employee and CEO, the  Exec. Manager, the Admin. Assistant, Maintenance and Security, and  countless client staff.


  Our Founder

"My name is Ms. Paula Collins.  I am a woman who has been in many of the situations of the people I am trying to help.  I have been part of the vulnerable population.  I have seen my own children, my friends and strangers alike, going through the same situations over and over again.  I have for years lived it and watched it happening all around me until it came to me that I really can help after all.  All it takes is one person, (or business or organization), to give you a chance, to give you a start, and you are on you way to a new career, a new business, a new direction…  You have to start somewhere, and this is O.J.T.B. (Only Just The Beginning).  We want to be there to help you take your first crucial step down the road to realizing your dreams of a better way and a new beginning!!"