Our mission is to provide on-job-training to our clients by giving them that first job experience, and free work and life skills training.


What is the link between the problems of the vulnerable population and O.J.T.B.?

Starting out new to the job market, straight out of school (high school or college), with the knowledge and training you possess fresh in your mind, there is a nervous excitement you get when applying for a job you already learned and know you can do.  You are confidently making plans for what you will do with your paychecks when you get this job, a car, new clothes, your own place.  It’s very disappointing to hear, “You have a good amount of training, but you don’t have any job experience and we need someone who has time in the workplace.”


Sometimes that disappointment brings forth a feeling of rejection and can push our youth to despair and then to at-risk situations that can take them down the road leading to crime, jail and maybe even death.  What links us together is that we are part of the communities we service and know the people in them.  They know we care and won’t judge them because we are part of the same population.


We can and will help them to take steps forward, out of an environment of temptation going in the wrong direction and give them a marketable skill, work experience, office etiquette, self-confidence, pride, independence, self-esteem, a healthy and more positive outlook on life and even a paycheck.  They would then be able to exert better control over their lives and participate in their communities in meaningful and effective ways.


To promote healthy communities and lifestyles.

O.J.T.B. believes that health of the community comes from within the community through people who live in it.  Not feeling good about you, does not leave much room to feel good about anything or anyone else.  In providing free work skill training to individuals, it will build self-esteem and promote a healthier mental environment to plant the seed of social interaction and general support for the community.

The problem we try to solve is:  How can we help to promote healthy communities and lifestyles within the vulnerable population?

We do this by helping those vulnerable populations’ students (ages 14 – 24), displaced homemakers, minority and disadvantaged individuals with no job experience, and those on public assistance, to expand their employment opportunities by getting work skill training.


Our services would help lessen the burden and support the efforts of government programs such as public assistance programs, the workforce development, and youth services programs by providing work skill training, which would help reduce poverty by allowing a chance for better jobs; which would in turn allow for a better quality of life and a healthier and better standard of living.


Also by providing these services in the communities where they live, it would enable people in the communities to expand their own opportunities and support their youth in the process.  We hope to benefit the community by providing support to the community activities and promoting the common good and general welfare of the community; and also help to combat juvenile delinquency by promoting social interaction.


Our vision is to promote healthy communities and lifestyles by training the vulnerable populations; to provide our customers with document preparation and business writing services that will help them take their first crucial step down the road to realizing their dreams of having their own business; help them become more successful by utilizing financial resources available; help their established businesses expand and prosper; and to become a leader in document preparation and business writing.  Our hope for the future is to eventually expand into other communities, counties and parishes in the State.