Document Preparation

Typing of correspondence, reports, statistical and financial data, manuscripts and dissertations –


This part of the service will include data entry, formatting, editing, copying, preparing table of contents and cover sheets (where applicable), folders and envelopes if applicable.

Our services include:

Business Plans – We will develop full business plans for start-up and existing businesses requiring financing, introducing new products, entering new markets, restructuring and expanding.


Resume Services – Will include gathering and formulating customer information into a customized professional resume with personalized form letter that accompanies the resume.

Grant Proposals – We will develop full grant proposals for start-up, existing businesses and non-profit organizations requiring financing through donations and loans.


Preparation will include typing, formatting, editing and copying; and also providing resources on how and where to search for available positions.  Copies will also be provided.

Marketable Skills                     Work Experience

Our participants will gain a marketable skill, work experience, office etiquette, self-confidence, pride, independence, self-esteem, a healthy and more positive outlook on life and even a paycheck.  They will then be able to exert better control over their lives and participate in their communities in meaningful and effective ways.

Office Etiquette                     Self-Confidence

At the end of their training they will receive a completion of training certificate, job resources and counseling, resumes w/cover letters and a letter of reference.  In addition, our student clients (ages 14-16) will receive the necessary volunteer hours, which is one of the criteria for graduation from high school for all eligible students.

Networking Celebrity Auction Fundraiser!

OJTB Only Just The Beginning, Inc. (OJTB) will hold a networking event to build lasting business relationships and recognize the work of several local organizations whose goals are to promote healthy communities and lifestyles through their work for children and seniors.  Our event is a Networking Celebrity Auction that will be held on October 20, 2018 at the Hilton Garden Inn – Shreveport from 6-10 PM.  Our theme is “Working Together Now And In The Future!”  

Should you have questions, please feel free to contact Paula (Ms.P) Collins, CEO/Director of Event Planning and Administrative Services.  Ms.P can be reached at 318-459-8645 or email




“Be a S.T.A.R.” Competition
(Students w/Talent get Awesome Recognition)

The categories will be singing, dancing, instrumentals, gospel rap and recitations/poetry. There will be three age groups competing on stage 3-8, 9-13 and 14-17. Winners in each age group will be recognized and receive prizes, awards and a check towards their continued education.


To Benefit the Vulnerable
Population of P.G. County

Sponsored by O.J.T.B. (Only Just The Beginning), Inc.
In cooperation with Waldon Woods Elementary School

On-the-Job-Training and Assessment

Our client staff’s responsibilities will not include preparing the documents themselves, but will include the office help, doing research on the internet, sorting and compiling materials, data entry, file clerk, supply inventory, receptionist, maintenance, etc.


Each will learn how to do all jobs to see what niche they fit into.

The clients’ tasks and responsibilities will be given based on their skill level, which will be assessed at the beginning and during their training.


And the staff that are writing and preparing the actual documents will oversee those tasks.


Some will handle more responsibility than others based on their assessments.

Our Talent


“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” – Albert Schweitzer

O.J.T.B. believes that health of the community comes from within the people who live in it.  Not feeling good about YOU, does not leave much of room to feel good about anything or anyone else.  Talent is not just about skills learned from books or even learned from experience, but from the natural and internal passion that we have with regard to helping others.  As a helper, our passion leads us to help inspire others to become the confident and independent individuals that they can be.  Our talent is helping…let us, because this is Only Just The Beginning!


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